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Thomas Terney

I have always been fascinated by technology and how it impacts us as society, as organizations and as individuals. E.g. how will advances in robots and ai influence our emotional bonds to machines? How can virtual reality be used to heal traumatized patients? How will the CEO of the future steer his or her organization in the wake of digital disruption that will hit if it hasn’t already flooded the business? And what are the differences in the leadership competencies and styles between pre and post digital era?


PhD Artificial Intelligence
Roskilde University, 2007

Master Political Science and Economics
Roskilde University, 2001

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Talks (in english and in danish)

  • The Battle of The Future

  • A Digital Mindset: Think Big(ger). Think Digital.

  • Should we change how we think about organizations and the new generations?


Short Bio

Thomas Terney has a diverse background with experience from both the public sector, academia and large corporations. Now he spends most of his time in the start-up world building companies with a disruptive digital agenda.

Thomas new book “Kampen om Fremtiden” (The Battle of the Future) came out on Gyldendal Business the 8th of October with plans on an international versions in 2019.

As a seasoned corporate leader from a world leading company within industrial biotech, he knows the challenges of dealing with a disruptive agenda while simultaneously running the daily business. And he has built and lead digital strategy and innovation teams to assist leaders tackle that challenge.

Before his leadership career started, Thomas earned an PhD within the field of Artificial Intelligence based on research on how we can make computers understand the meaning conveyed by human language and create systems that “digitally sensitive” and adapts to the user.

With a deep understanding of technology development Thomas frames a narrative about our digital future that challenges current assumptions and yet is very convincing. A narrative that leaves little room for doubt about a future very different from the present. But even though his offset is technological, Thomas true interest is in how technology impact us as individuals, organizations and society.

The combination of deep technology insight and a keen interest in the impact of disruptive technologies, has earned Thomas as a sought-after expert in both radio, television and newspapers.

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