Since Thomas Terney finished his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in 2008 with a focus on Natural Language Processing he worked with strategic development of Information Technology in Novozymes, one of the worlds leading biotech companies until late 2015. Thomas is passionate about the intersection between technology, organization and business.

Thomas Terney is a full time author (book expected to come out late 2016), public speaker and workshop facilitator within Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Exponential Organizations and Business Canvas Modelling.

In my workshops I draw upon a number of doming

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed
— William Gibson, Writer

What do you need?

  • Were your company a first mover on mobile? And what are your plans regarding Artifical Intelligence?
  • Do you know which exponential technologies will affect your business in the near future and how they will do it?
  • Do you think about how humans will form emotional bonds with robots in the future (like we all did with inanimate objects as kids)?

Lets talk!

  • Do you know how your company will tackle the 4th industrial revolution?
  • When will we see the first cell phone replacements based on Augmented Reality and ubiquitous computing? 
  • Can you draw and communicate your business model in a single frame?