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Thomas Terney is an inspirational speaker from Copenhagen Denmark. He has a diverse background with experience from both the public sector, academia and large corporations. Now he spends most of his time in the start-up world building companies with a disruptive digital agenda.

As a seasoned corporate leader from a world leading company within industrial biotech, he knows the challenges of dealing with a disruptive agenda while simultaneously running the daily business.

Before his leadership career started, Thomas earned an PhD within the field of Artificial Intelligence based on research on how we can make computers understand the meaning conveyed by human language and create systems that “digitally sensitive” and adapts to the user.

With a deep understanding of technology development Thomas frames a narrative about our digital future that challenges current assumptions and yet is very convincing. A narrative that leaves little room for doubt about a future very different from the present. But even though his offset is technological, Thomas true interest is in how technology impact us as individuals, organizations and society. The combination of deep technology insight and a keen interest in the impact of disruptive technologies, has earned Thomas as a sought-after expert in both radio, television and newspapers.

Thomas book “Kampen om Fremtiden” (The Battle of the Future) - a easy to read guide to AI - came out on Gyldendal Business in 2019.


Topics covered by Thomas

Digital Mindset

Digital is much that social media and industri 4.0. Having a true digital mindset means to look beyond the current framing of the opportunities that a digital world provides. And, as always, it starts with the needs for the costumer…

Our genes

From personal experience Thomas has learned the impact of recent advances in our ability to read the human genome. With CRISPR and other technologies we now also have very efficient means of editing the genome and 3D printing it. Which means that the very code of life is now digital.

Artificial Intelligence

The battle for the future has started and it has written artificial intelligence all over. However, to most people Artificial Intelligence still appears to be more “automagic” than a real technology. But if you don’t know the technologies framing your future how can you navigate it? 

Exponential technologies

Price performance curves. Does that sound boring? Well, if you really want to know what shapes the future you look at the historic development of the price of technology and how much you get (the performance). It the development is exponential the impact can be profound.

Leadership and future of work

Millenials. Generation Z. Generation Alpha. Or what generation was it we were talking about? There seems to be an assumption that generations are widely different and needs to be lead differently…but in reality they have a lot more in common than sets them apart!

Disruption & Business models

Is Tesla disruptive? Is Alibaba? Disruption in its classical sense from Clayton Christensen is a matter of advances in technology. But the most disruptive forces in an industry landscape is when someone changes part of the business model or even make a complete substitution


The future is already here - it is just not evenly distributed
— William Gibson


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